Small funny Looking Avatar

The reason why I chose this avatar was because I waned to have fun with and not look boring and make to where it catches peoples eyes. Also I wanted it to be funny and make it look creative and think outside of the box in a funny way. Then how it represents me is that I am funny I do weird stuff and do funny things with my clothes. The place I created my avatar was DoppelMe .

One thought on “Small funny Looking Avatar”

  1. Hi Bryson, it’s Brandon Kremer. I think your avatar really suits you, really… Anyway, I think your post was great. I have a question…why did you choose the heart background? It’s a little weird. Also why are you wearing high heels? It’s pretty goofy, but since I’m your friend I know that you like to joke around. since your goal was to make it funny and catches your eye, I think you achieved that goal.

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