Myrtle Beach

The most favorite place I have been to is South Carolina. The reason is because we go to a hotel that is right in front of the beach. When we decide if we what to go to the beach and then if we want to go to the pool it is right there we just have to cross a little bridge. Then when you are on the beach there are like showers and you can clean the sand off. Then if you think it is a little cold outside they have a indoor pool.

Next if we don’t want to be in water we have a lot of shop in front of the hotel and we like to walk to those shops because they are right there. When we walk into shop with clothes and every thing my mom goes a little crazy and starts to buy everything. Then sometimes when we are not in the mood to look for there is ice cream place. When we go there we get a lot and there are people who do shows outside and they sing music. Then we have the golf place really close to that and we have fun there laying put-put and I always win that but one time my sister was really sick and she could not play.

The final thing we do is we go to the wax museum then we horse around and take all of these funny pictures. After that we go watch a play and have dinner at the play. Also we watch the firework show outside of the hotel but sometimes get it really annoying when you want to go to sleep. When the fireworks are going on we are having a bomb fire. That is what we do when we are at South Caroline.

Myrtle Beach


Myrtle Beach Photos

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What My family tradition is that we wake up really early in the morning to open presents. That takes like an hour to do because we get a lot of presents and we take pictures. Then we mess around with are cool stuff for an hour and we laugh with each other. Finally we try on clothes if we get any and we see if it fits or if we like it or not. That is what we do on Christmas also we start getting read to live to go to Atlanta.

Then when we head to Atlanta we mess with are gadgets and we rarely talk to each other because we just are on are new stuff. Once we get to Atlanta we get are family together and we have a family dinner. Also when we are at the dinner table we talk about what we got. Then we stay up really late to watch Christmas movies. That is what we do on are first day in Atlanta.

What we do on are family Christmas is we open all of are presents that takes like 2 hours to do. The reason it takes so long is because we take pictures and it is a lot of people. Then when we are done we talk about how are new looks and how it works if it is a gadget. Then we do are own thing for a couple of minutes then all of the kids have fun and talk with each other and all of the adults talk and laugh. That is what we do with are family when we open presents.  Cool Traditions

Celebrations and Traditions

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20% Project

The project that I am doing for my school is a 3 v 3 basketball camp for people who are not that good at basketball and donate the money to veterans.

The feeling I feel for this project was nervous. The reason why I picked this was because that I have to go to peoples house to give them fliers for the project and I have to people who are walking around in union. The second one I picked was exited. The reason why I picked these one is because I get to do something I love as a project and I think that the people will love my camp.The final word I picked was scared. Why I picked this one is because of the speech that we do at the end of the I think I might look like a fool.

The two major goals are for this project is getting a basketball court with balls and getting fliers out. The action I am going to do to get he basketball court is either call sports of all sorts or go up there to discuss it out and meet in person. The action I am going to do for getting fliers out is I am going to have my friend come over so we can get the fliers ready to give them.

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The Sucky School Day

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I had to go to school one morning but it felt like I was going to through up. When I tried to tell my parents did not believe me so had to go to school. When I got on the bus I told the people to stay away from me because I might throw up up. Then I had to go to my homeroom and do Rosetta Stone. Next my stomach started to hurt and it felt like I was about to through up.

So then I saw a leopard and I did not have to through up any more. Then when I saw the leopard it was eating something and we could hear it because the window was open. Then when I said that the teacher rushed to the window and closed before he tried to get in. So when he saw use close the window he jumped straight into the would and he laid on the ground for a second. So the from that time on my stomach felt perfect and I did not have to through up any more.


Bad School

History of Basketball

When the NBA first started there were not very long shorts there were a lot of short shorts and they were like underwear. Also they did not have three point line. So if they shot a long shot it would count as a two pointer but if it was today then they would have count that as a three pointer. Finally there team names here different the team names that we had today. So that is when the NBA first started and it was a lot different from when it is today.

Then it started to be in the middle when all the good famous people started to come in and we know them as a superstar. So that was when the shorts started to get longer and they weren’t as short. Then the three pointer came to be and then when they shot long shots it would add 3 points to the score. Also it was a lot tougher sport there were more fights and they were violent. So some of the fouls that they would say today would not count as a foul. So that was in the middle from when it started and when we are today.

Finally the NBA today the soft people. Why I said this was because that it is not as a tough sport so if you barely touch the person it would count as a foul. So if we went back in time it would not count as a foul. Way back then it was a lot more violent sport and there where more fights because how rough the sport was. So that was the history of basketball and how they played.

NBA history

Famous Basketball Players 

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How to Credit Smething

Activity 1

Crediting your news and image sources in a certain way, as well as tagging your news sources, can do wonders in terms of blog optimization, not to mention that it can keep you away from getting into legal trouble. How to credit what you have to do is you find a picture you have to copy your resource where you find and then put it by your picture or article. Image result for basketball

Activity 2

Basketball is my current life.

Basketball is my way of life.

I do not know what life was like before basketball.

However, I sometimes wish I could.


I think I remember when was 3 years old

I was always playing with some type of ball

my parents always told that held a football, basketball, baseball and a soccer ball

I tried them all but my favorite one was a basketball



The Best Stories

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How the house ended up like this. It ended like this because this gang but they were not really a gang but they were very bad people and they did not know it was haunted. So they went inside and they explored the house they said it was very creepy. Then they heard a noise and they got really scared and they saw something it was a huge creature with long arms. Then they tried to run but they got snatched. No body knows where they are……………..

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Small funny Looking Avatar

The reason why I chose this avatar was because I waned to have fun with and not look boring and make to where it catches peoples eyes. Also I wanted it to be funny and make it look creative and think outside of the box in a funny way. Then how it represents me is that I am funny I do weird stuff and do funny things with my clothes. The place I created my avatar was DoppelMe .

My Passion

My passion basketball I will be talking as you can tell from the picture. First I have been to so many places like I was about to go to California for a tournament for basketball and way more. Second when I go places I do fun stuff like eat fancy dinners and go racing in go carts when we win championships we have parties and we eat ice cream and a lot more. Next these are the positions I play point guard, shooting guard and small ford those are the three positions I play. Finally when we go to nationals we get beat but we still have fun because we are getting

The tips about basketball is to have good sportsmanship so when somebody falls help them up. Also don’t brag when I mean about that is to not say we beat you we beat you say that it was a good game or say like you guys played good but maybe you guys will win next game. The best thing to do in a basketball game is to not be so rough to were you get ejected by the ref. Finally be a teammate don’t just be a ball hogger and be the person who  does everything because you guys want when that much. That is my passion and those are some tips about basketball.

better. This is my passion John WallCreative Commons License Keith Allison via Compfightand i hope that you liked my passion.