About Me

This is about me and will give you a description about me and what I like. I am athletic and like basketball also my name Bryson  but I can be a little crazy. Also I want to be a doctor and a engineer and a fast runner in track also i am the a good kid I hate school but I like the teachers I am very intelligent. I am a really good jumper and I am a great kicker because I play soccer also i do not like losing and I do not like milk but I do like nutella   but if it is with cereal it is good I like to eat Oreo’s because I have a whole bag of Oreo’s in my room also I beg my parents to get peanuts to  my favorite food is pizza but I don’t like the restaurant quakes or steaks.Finally I am very talented at basketball i usually I were unusually clothes. Everybody says I am a vampire I am a very wild kid and can not stay still I am xenophobic and I like to yell a lot and I am zippy fast.

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